HERO STUFF: Monterey Park Shooter Stopped In His Tracks At Second Location

Unarmed hero strips weapon from killer before he strikes second location

With victims of the first shooting still hanging with their lives in the balance, 72-year-old Huu Can Tran showed up at a second location. Unlike the first time, this location was NOT caught off guard.

Here is footage of the tense moments in which the shooter’s plan was foiled.

Other reporting has made reference to two heroes that wrestled the gun away from him. But this camera angle only records one. We understand that individual to be Brandon Tsay who was invited to meet the Governor in person after his heroics.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

(The killer is the guy wearing the hat.)

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  1. The person should have knocked the criminal out cold or shot him. There would be more than a dozen people alive today. Letting him walk out just allowed him to go somewhre else to shoot people.

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