EARLY EDITION: Five Quick News Stories For Your Water Cooler Chat (Thur. Jan 26)

Today's stories: pro-abortion vandals charged; Guilty plea in poison plot; bad booster news; crooked FBI; teacher's union corruption arrest

Here are the stories that no one is talking about … but should be.

1. Grand Jury indicts 2 Fla pregnancy center vandals

A Grand Jury in Florida’s middle district has chosen to indict two people for vandalizing a pro-life pregnancy center, applying statutes in the FACE act.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The accused are Caleb Freestone, 27, and Amber Smith-Stewart, 23. Maximum punishments include 12 years of prison, 3 years probation, and fines up to $350k.

This, ironically, is the same act Biden’s DOJ has been using to aggressively target various non-violent pro-life activists since the Dobbs decision has been announced.

A center in Winter Park was defaced with slogans such as “If abortions aren’t safe than niether are you” [sic], “We are everywhere,” “YOUR TIME IS UP!!” and “WE’RE COMING for U”.

While these are the only indictments thus far, reporting indicates that other possible conspirators are still under consideration.

2. Canadian woman tried to kill Trump — pleads guilty

We regularly hear TV talking heads and liberal politicians complain that criticism of their policy will endanger their lives. Those claims seem a little melodramatic when compared to actual documented assassination attempts like this one.

Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier, a French & Canadian dual citizen living in Quebec, Canada, has pled guilty to making homemade ricin, and mailing it in a letter to then-President Trump. Similar letters were sent to Texas state law officials with whom she had prior interactions.

Not only did she mail the letters from Canada in September of 2020, but she was caught crossing into Buffalo with a loaded firearm. Charges for the plea deal could come up to as many as 20 years in prison.

3. CDC’s public statement about bivalent booster

After encouraging Americans to get boosted with the latest ‘bivalent’ shot, intended for protection from both the original and newer variants of C-19, they are now making an admission about just how effective those shots really are.

While they continue to emphasize the real reason to get the latest Pfizer poke is primarily risk mitigation, the CDC has been forced to admit that the vaccine’s reported effectiveness at stopping symptomatic infection stands at about 48%.

That’s another data point among the various pro-vs-con factors would-be patients will now weigh in considering whether getting the shot is right for them.

4. Criminally indicted ex-FBI agent played key role in anti-Trump investigation

Charles McGonigal may not be a household name, but he played a pivitol role shaping the nature US politics over the past several years.

McGonical is an ex-FBI agent facing charges for, among other things, illegally working with a sanctioned Russian Oligarch and money laundering. Or, in more familir terms, ‘Russian collusion’.

Margot Cleveland dug deeper into the story, connecting it with what we already knew about other scandals like Crossfire Hurricane. Lo and behold! His name came up there, too.

In fact, McGonical, not only helped in the decision to launch Crossfire Hurricane, he served as one link in the conduit bringing the original (debunked) Papadopoulos ‘dirt on Hillary’ allegation, but she goes on to explain how he was active in several stages of the investigation into Trump.

As an additional plot twist, recent episodes of Bongino’s podcast have been highlighting lines of evidence that seem to be connecting McGonical, certain foreign parties, with breadcrumbs, he suggests, leading directly to both Hunter and Joe Biden.

Small world, isn’t it?

5. Second Teacher’s Union Exec arrested for embezzlement in a month

Not to be confused with the similar arrest on January 6 in Reading, Pa, the Fairfax County Police have announced the arrest of the prior president of the Arlington Education Association (AEA) over the embezzlement of more than $400,000.

After certain irregularities were noticed in filings, a professional audit was conducted in which it was discovered that Ingrid Gant, 54, embezzled $410,782.10 from the AEA.

She was fired from her job in March for refusing to file the orginazations returns or hand over financial reports.

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