CNN Fact-checks Biden Speech Into Oblivion

Joe Biden gave an economic speech so rife with errors that even CNN had to hammer it

It’s not very on-brand for CNN to call out Democrat politicians.

This is why it came as such a surprise that Joe Biden’s self-congratulatory speech this past Thursday was cut to ribbons by CNN fact-checkers.

By ‘cut to ribbons’, we mean that a CNN article by Daniel Dale on Saturday called out fourteen specific falsehoods, deceptive statements, or comments ‘lacking context’.

The fact that they’re now holding Joe’s feet to the fire either means they are taking a step in the direction of objective reporting or that Joe Biden is now seen as a liability to the party’s fortunes and he has been declared ‘fair game’.

Here are a few of the things he was called out on:

  • Those ‘700,000 infrastructure projects’ were ACTUALLY 7,000 projects.
  • Medicare D cap is not ‘in effect now’ — it does not come into effect until 2025
  • Vaccinated people under Trump: claimed ‘only’ 3.5 million — ACTUALLY 19 million.
  • Federal Deficit — ‘cut’ by 1.7 Trillion. Figure cheats by counting emergency pandemic spending as a benchmark… also neglects his own administration’s current profligate spending role in ADDING to future debt rather than diminishing it
  • Wage ‘growth’ was outpaced by the inflation that ate it away, meaning ‘real’ growth was actually negative.

The Ways and Means Committee went further still

“While Biden claimed the economy is growing strong, the latest report on economic growth reveals that the economy under his Administration’s policies has fallen short of expectations on seven out of the last eight economic growth reports,” the committee wrote. “In fact, the entirety of 2022 was worse for economic growth than expected. And even more trouble lies ahead, according to the latest Leading Economic Index report.”
Listing five recent “misleading” claims from the president that the committee found fault with, the Republicans wrote: “President Biden has been making inaccurate accusations about Republicans and fearmongering to scare seniors when Republicans have been clear we are not going to touch their retirement security. Biden has also been making Medicare and Social Security worse off — not protecting them. Medicare premiums have risen for seniors since 2020, while Biden’s ongoing inflation crisis has pushed Social Security further towards insolvency.”


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