Global South Takes Step Toward Kicking Canterbury To The Curb Over Synod Vote — Here’s The 411

These archbishops are openly rebuking the 'Mother Church' of England

We are seeing an official response from the Global South of the Anglican Church with respect to the vote of the Church of England to bless same-sex unions.

Unlike the aggressively progressive Anglican traditions in the UK, North America, and elsewhere, a majority of the Anglican communion does not share those Western Secular values, including their novel views about sexuality and gender. Between the Synod’s recent vote to bless same-sex marriages, and the stated intention to contemplate rethinking the use of gendered terms for the Divine Name, the Global South has run out of patience.

Screen shots of the actual text of the Press Release will be available below, as will a link to the source, but here is a quick summary.

Twelve archbishops representing diverse regions from around the world have co-authored a scathing letter of rebuke against the Church of England. They have come together with a series of resolutions which, if adopted could formally censure the Church of England and remove the Archbishop of Canterbury from his ‘first among equals’ role.

The accusation against both is that Canterbury and its leadership have broken communion from those who remain faithful to the founding documents and doctrines. The Church of England has ‘departed from the historic faith’ and ‘taken the path of false teaching’.

The Global South offers this rebuke as a loving admonishment, hoping to spur them to ‘return to the faith once delivered’. But owing to this apostasy, the other Archbishops have withdrawn their support of him to lead the whole Communion.

They are calling on the remaining orthodox leadership in the broader Anglican communion to meet together to re-set the Communion on its Biblical foundation and address the leadership crisis. Point six explicitly states there is no longer sufficient common ground that good-faith cooperation is possible.

Point seven makes clear they are not cutting themselves off from the Anglican Communion, they are simply looking for the way forward now that the Church of England has chosen to break faith and depart from it.

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