WATCH: Industrial Hygenist Visits East Palestine — ‘Has ‘Concerns’

Did somebody say 'Agent Orange'...?

Ben Berquam from ‘Real America’s Voice’ was on site in East Palestine, asking an expert what he thought about the all-clear signals our government gave them after the crash.

While Stephen E. Petty, a professional Industrial Hygienist was splashing around with his testing equipment near downtown East Palestine, we got to watch the chemical nastiness that got stirred up and released from the sediment in real time… not to mention the real-time reaction of the host who was able to smell the stirred-up chemical soup from his vantage point high above him.

The kind of chemical testing that really needs to be taken care of takes about two weeks to complete, so Petty is at a loss for how any government official could have, with any certainty at all, stated that it was safe to remain in their homes.

Air, water, and soil testing still needs to be conducted.

Petty is particularly concerned about the unknown chemicals that could have been released, whether spilled and combined in the crash itself or created due to the fire and interplay of chemicals. He has raised the possibility of finding dioxins, which, if present, are some of the more carcinogenic compounds we can be exposed to.

But there is also the problem of harmful chemical compounds we already know about, one of which plays a role in the creation of Agent Orange.

That sounds pretty bad. No wonder Joe and the media are working so hard to change the topic on this one.

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  1. So, Joe is working to change the rhetoric/discussion, but the negligent decisions by the Republican governor and his Republican associates have no bearing on this in-Ohio issue. Good to know that your… focus is “solely” on the “responsible parties”. (Repubs f’ it up, then Dems f’ it up, so it’s the Dems fault.)

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