Religious Freedom: Tucker Calls Out Left’s Aggressive Hostility To Christian Faith (VIDEO)

Some people are deeply offended by belief in any power higer than the government.

When pro-life Africans like Obianuju Ekeocha describe the West’s attempt to change African culture, they use words like ‘colonizers’ to describe the secular left’s aggressive insistence that Africans adopt the atheistic liberal West’s priorities.

That same authoritarian impulse is showing its face in North America now that anti-religious groups find themselves in positions of authority in the West.

Activists of various political movements claimed all they ever really wanted was live-and-let-live equality to enjoy the same liberties that other people were already enjoying. Concerns raised about ‘slippery slopes’ and these new rules being weaponized against people who had fundamental religious objections to them were openly mocked.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

With woke governments like Biden and Trudeau now holding the levers of power, Tucker takes a look at how the government is using that power to protect or persecute people who dare to continue holding on to those traditional Christian beliefs.

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