REPORT: Immigration Hearings At ICE Offices In NYC Are Booked Through Late 2032

Is the illegal immigration surge part of a long-term tactic to justify future calls for amnesty?

Back in 2018, while Trump, Schumer and Pelosi were fighting over border policy, we saw the leak of an important memo written by Jennifer Palmieri. Palmieri was a former comms director of Obama’s WH as well as Hillary’s campaign.

That 2018 memo underscored that the Democrats’ entire model of success or failure was fundamentally intertwined with the Democrat border priorities we’ve seen both then and now. Phrased differently, ongoing illegal immigration is part of the Democrat long game, according to internal conversations from an Obama- and Hillary-connected Comms Director.

In the last two years since Joe Biden has been in the White House, somewhere North of 5 million people have entered America illegally, far more if you count the ‘got-aways’ who have not met the Border Patrol to be duly processed. Much has been previously said about the burdens such an influx puts on whichever community welcomes it. NYC Mayor Adams is among the loudest of those voices. That influx strains everything from infrastructure to health care, to the job market to housing costs, as only a few among many areas are impacted.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Those are the immediate impacts, obviously. The longer-term ones might be less obvious.

Is this whole immigration surge just an elaborate work-around to force America to accept large-scale future amnesty in the same way Democrats (who have been breaking promises in Amnesty arrangements like clockwork since the Reagan years) have tugged on our heartstrings to ‘doooo something for the chilllll-dren’ who came in under Obama’s (now-discredited) Executive Order allowing special admittance to DREAMers?

Here’s a story talking about how long those who have been overloading our Amnesty system are currently expecting to wait for a hearing (supposing they actually show up for the hearing).

New York City’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is “fully booked through October 2032” for appointments to process migrants released at the southern border, according to an official document exclusively reviewed by The Post — making the Big Apple the ideal destination for migrants with dubious asylum claims and causing a massive headache for those with valid ones.

The backlog means migrants may have to wait almost a decade just to enter the immigration court process — which is beset by further delays stretching out years, sources said.

“If you want to stay here and fight your case for 12 years [and] if you do your research or the cartels do their research … that’s actually pretty clever,” said Thomas Homan, the acting ICE director from January 2017 through June 2018. — NYPost

It’s not just New York, either. The Post story reports seeing similar backlogs all over the place.

What do you suppose the Democrats will start saying in just a few more years about how long they have had to languish in legal limbo here in America?

Can’t you already hear the ‘compassionate’ cries of ‘let them stay’?

Is that because they care so much about the immigrants trapped in legal limbo?

Or is this motivated by the precise benefits none other than Jennifer Palmieri spoke about in that memo?

Not to mention a lovely side-benefit of providing an almost limitless cash cow for their leftist friends running cottage industries raising funds of the needs of illegal immigrants to milk.

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