WATCH: Trump’s Primary Opponent Draws Line In Sand Over Looming Indictment Of Trump

If Trump is beaten in the primaries, it should be on the issues, not because a Dem operative kneecaps him

The Founders and Framers would have recognized the spirit undergirding Vivek Ramaswamy’s call to the other primary candidates… especially John Adams who once stood as legal counsel for redcoats involved in the Boston Massacre.

Was it because Adams loved the redcoats, as the Adam Kinsingers of the world would say today? Or is it because he understood that the accused — however hated he is by those in power — must retain the presumption of innocence, and that the prosecution bears the burden of proof in any allegations of guilt.

Democrats have been jumping from one ‘arrest Trump’ scheme ever since they falsified those FOIA requests before Trump even took office. Comey paved the way for ‘Mueller time’, then Avenattti, then Gloria Allred & Co scared up some MeToo complainants, then there was that phone call to Ukraine, then there was a phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State (that even WaPo apologized for misrepresenting key details about long after it had been used as a basis for the second impeachment), then there was the Mar-A-Lago raid that suddenly got really quiet after reams of classified documents showed up in Joe’s possession.

And now we’re back to what, a hail-Mary case involving Stormy Daniels over potentially improper use of election funds? (Despite the FEC settling with Hillary by fining her $113K for the Steele Dossier, or Obama paying $375k in fines for hiding donor information and accepting illegal donations.)

When it’s a Republican in similar situations, there is no settling it with fines. They get the book thrown at them. Just ask Donald Trump… or before him Dinesh D’Souza.

Vivek is calling on everyone in the field to speak with one voice in denouncing the partisan use of novel criminal indictments against Trump to proceed with the obvious intent of derailing a frontronner during a Presidential primary.

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