EARLY EDITION: Five Fast News Stories For The Water Cooler (Wed. Mar 22)

TODAY: Mexican Energy-Independence; School Bathroom law; Tx Border update; Putin/Xi handshake;

TODAY: Mexican Energy-Independence; School Bathroom law; Tx Border update; Putin/Xi handshake;

1. Mexico nearing energy-independence

While Joe Biden is throwing every conceivable obstacle in the path of the American energy independence we had finally achieved under DJT’s presidency, AMLO is announcing refineries to protect Mexico’s economy from shortages and volatility.

There’s another video out there in which AMLO openly mocked Joe Biden’s America.

“Mexico’s President AMLO says the United States cannot talk about human rights with Julian Assange detained, cartel violence with President Joe Biden bombing the Nord Stream pipeline, or democracy while arresting the leading presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

2. Arkansas law upholds birth gender in school bathrooms

With Virginia still reeling from stories about teenage girls (plural) being raped in school washrooms by people who had been given that washroom access by trans laws, Arkansas has now put legislation on Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders’s desk intended to protect girls in Arkansas from similar situations.

Multi-person public and private schools from K-12th grade are covered by this legislation. Anyone using a public toilet will be expected to use the one matching their birth gender.

3. Proposed Bill will encode ‘defense and security of Texan air, maritime, and land border’ in State law

Texans are tired of waiting for Democrats to fulfill their oaths to uphold the law and defend the rights of citizens in member states on the border. They are taking matters into their own hands by rewriting the law to empower their own authorities to deal with what has been dubbed an ‘invasion’ by multiple districts.

House Bill 20 (Border Protection Unit Act) will add the defense of the border (air, maritime, and land) to the official responsibilities of the Public Safety Commission. It will also create a border force and make illegal entry into the US a third-degree felony, punishable by up to $10,000 and ten years in prison.

4. Putin and Xi promise ‘change is coming’ like nothing seen in 100 years.

Biden’s foreign policy priorities have been (in the words of Blinken) to globalize an LGBT agenda. But what good is that agenda, however virtuous they might imagine it to be, if the West loses all ability to influence the world in the mean time?

Biden famously laughed off any threat that China would ‘eat our lunch’, claiming they ‘aren’t bad folks, folks’ at the same time that China was ramping up their blue water navy to become the largest and most modern in the world.

Now, Xi is shaking hands with his ‘dear friend’ Putin, while claiming, ‘hange is coming that hasn’t happened in 100 years. And we are driving this change together.’

For anyone not keeping score at home, that 100 years reference was no accident. We have recently passed the 100 year anniversary of the Chinese Communist party’s inaugural meeting. Meanwhile, 100 years ago in Russia? Some guy named Lenin was running the joint.

5. Is this proof that Trump protester ‘violence’ is being whipped up by outsiders?

The second Trump suggested that supporters should protest if he does get arrested by a DA pushing some very dubious charges, the usual Never Trump voices started clutching their pearls.

They found six ways past Sunday to claim he was inciting a riot. Adam Kinsinger was as guilty of this as any of them. They sounded almost hopeful that Trump supporters would get out of hand to justify everything they’ve said about him for years.

That angle is what makes this DailyMail story interesting. A protest was held in New York, in support of Donald Trump. And one guy was trying to whip up the crowd, claiming a QAnon Shaman copycat was supposedly ‘wearing a wire’. (When he stripped down to his waist, it was clear he was not.) This instigator had his photo taken earlier in the protest. Note the neck tattoo:

Independent photojournalist Rebecca Brannon, who shared the initial footage online, said that she was the one who spotted the man had a tattoo of the anarchist logo on his neck – which is a common symbol among Antifa members.

‘I noticed his circle-A tattoo – the classic symbol prominently associated with Antifa and anarchists,’ she said.

‘He knew I noticed then put his hoodie up’. — DailyMail

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