EARLY EDITION: Five Fast News Stories For The Water Cooler (Thur. Mar 23)

Today's Stories: superbug in eyedrops; GOP subpoenas lawyers; court-packing solution; Nordstream statement; Blockbuster comeback?; Prison breaks & IHOP

Today’s Stories: superbug in eyedrops; GOP subpoenas lawyers; court-packing solution; Nordstream statement; Blockbuster comeback? Prison breaks & IHOP

1. SUPERBUG: 3 killed, 8 lose sight, from contaminated eyedrops

If you or someone you know uses eyedrops, you will want to read this.

Eyedrops recalled in February have led to a serious infection. Three have died, eight are blind and four have had their eyes surgically removed. This pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, obviously, is no joke, and has been detected in 68 people so far.

The affected medications are EzriCare and Delsam Phama, and the CDC has now tracked infections in 16 states.

2. Jim Jordan gets creative over looming Trump indictment

When an AG who literally campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform finds a ‘novel’ way to charge him, critics will assume the worst of intentions. But that’s a difficult charge to level without actually interfering in a criminal case directly.

Unless … you interview people who were part of that investigation who have already quit in protest. Nothing GOP oversight might have to say to them (under oath!) would have the slightest impact on how the AG prosecutes its case. But this interview has a plot twist since they have been lobbying and whipping up public pressure for AG Bragg for (in their opinion) failing to pursue criminal indictments against Trump.

Jordan sent Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz each letters, obtained by Breitbart News, with his requests, accusing the pair of shaming Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg into “resurrecting” the Trump probe after they quit because of Bragg’s doubt about moving forward with the case when he first took office last year.
“It now appears that your efforts to shame Bragg have worked as he is reportedly resurrecting a so-called ‘zombie’ case against President Trump using a tenuous and untested legal theory,” Jordan wrote.
— Breitbart

3. Anti-court-packing Amendment proposed

Between SCOTUS rules changes, immigration laws, Executive Orders, and proposed new states, Republicans are concerned about naked Democrat power grabs that would bring us closer to a defacto on-party state.

The filibuster was all that stood in the way of a ‘reimagining’ of SCOTUS now that is tilting to the right for the first time since Eisenhower. The left is now openly talking about the once-unthinkable anti-democratic sin of court-packing for partisan advantage.

Senator Cruz has proposed a solution.

“The Supreme Court should be independent, not inflated by every new administration. That’s why I’ve introduced a constitutional amendment to permanently keep the number of justices at nine!”

4. John Kirby maintains Nordstream explosions was an ‘act of sabotage’

Nordstream 1 & 2 are now little more that twisted wreckage at the bottom of the ocean, but how they came to be that way is a mater of some dispute.

A compelling (and precisely detailed) case has been made by Seymour Hersh that the Biden Administration is the prime suspect from a very short list of nations capable of pulling off such an act of clandestine demolition. The Biden Admin is more than the prime suspect, the evidence Hersh presented nearly amounts to video footage of Team Biden holding a smoking gun.

Nevertheless, Biden continues with the Bart Simpson defense: “I Didn’t Do It. Nobody Saw Me Do It. You Can’t Prove Anything.”

“We still do believe it was an act of sabotage,” Kirby told reporters during a White House press briefing on Wednesday. — NYPost

And if anyone supects something different than the official story of the guy who assured us the validity of the ‘righteous strike’ in Afganistan? Joe Biden already has an answer for that: it’s ‘Russian lies’.

5. Is Blockbuster making a comeback?

The discovery that Blockbuster’s website is once again active has sparked speculation. A cryptic message on that website invokes the old-school message ‘be kind, rewind’ with a twist.

Under the logo is a message stating ‘we are working on rewinding your movie’.

For those of us old enough to remember what a VHS is, a movie had to be brought back to the beginning before it could be watched again. The reactivated website, plus the cryptic forward-looking message left people wondering — is Blockbuster prepping for a comeback, or is there a far more boring explanation?

The Weird Stuff

Breaking out of prison with a … toothbrush?
Min security escapees recaptured at local IHOP, 7 miles from the prison they broke out of.

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