Pompeo Lights Up Kirby Over Report Blaming Afghanistan Exit On Trump (VIDEO)

If anyone would know the difference between Trump's plan and Biden's bungling, it would be Pompeo

For over a year, Trump had managed to have relative peace in Afghanistan.

Trump had drawn down to about 2500 uniformed troops, and no Americans were killed for over a year. Their exit plan involved a ‘conditions-based’ exit.

Then Biden took over and turned that strategy on its head.

For no other apparent reason than the desire for a triumphant photo op on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Biden’s team announced a departure and a date. In the implementation of that plan, all hell broke loose.

Kirby, inexplicably, is proud of that exit.

In this clip, Pompeo disabuses him of the narrative he is trying to wrap himself in.

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