Gold Star Father Calls Out Biden Over Bungled Afghanistan Exit (VIDEO)

Father of soldier killed in final days of Afghanistan not buying Kirby's excuses

Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz, 20, from St. Charles, Missouri

He was one of the 13 killed in those final days in Afghanistan. He was killed, among other reasons, because the American sniper who spotted the suicide bomber and requested a green light to take him down was never given an answer to that request. That sniper took catastrophic damage to his body and nearly lost his own life when that same bomber later went critical.

So when Kirby stood up in his capacity as speaking for the Executive branch response to the Afghanistan efforts, and spoke glowingly of the success in a chaotic situation? The gold star father of that soldier had something to say about it.

When even CBS is calling a Democrat administration out on their omissions…? Things must have really gone sideways.

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