WATCH: Don Lemon Hilariously Tries To Make Latest Pentagon Leaks About … Donald Trump

Maybe the real problem is CNN helping FOSTER a culture in which leaking is acceptable

Don Lemon is back on the air, apparently, after his embarrassing episode about women being past their prime. This time he’s weighing in on the impact of the Pentagon leaks that give almost real-time information about the goings-on in Ukraine, and elsewhere.

Retired US Army Major Mike Lyons joined the panel to talk about the implications and possible fallout of the leak, and right there at the 1:41 mark, he goes out of his way to tie this into the Mar-A-Lago raid, as if there were any evidence that documents at Trump’s place had anything to do with military secrets.

What he does NOT bring up is CNN’s own complicity over the years of being a willing participant for back-channeling leaks of classified material that would prove damaging to the Republican party, or how such normalization of leaks would set precedents for people with agendas OTHER than the ‘socially-acceptable anti-Republican agenda’ to leak for their own purposes.

Then again, it might be a little too much to hope for such self-reflection, considering it presupposes a certain degree of moral integrity.

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