Biden Dropped Worst Possible Gaffe In Visit Celebrating UK/Ireland Peace Milestone

Imagine the ONE thing he shouldn't joke about on such a visit... he went there!

At this point, it’s getting hard to tell if he makes these gaffes in an attempt to be funny, if he’s not very bright, if his brain is turning into Swiss cheese, or if he’s self-sabotaging as some kind of deep psychological response to knowing he’s in over his head.

Whatever your go-to explanation for why he spends so much time with his foot in his mouth and his comms team in a constant state of panic best measured on the Defcon scale, he’s gone and done it again.

This time, he’s done it on a peace visit celebrating the 25th anniversary of the official end of hostilities between the British and the Irish Republican Army’s independence movement. One of the real sore points in that long and difficult history goes back to ‘Bloody Sunday’ in Croke Park.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Per Wiki: “The Black and Tans were constables recruited into the Royal Irish Constabulary as reinforcements during the Irish War of Independence.” . Look up the song ‘Come Out Ye Black And Tans’ if you’re unsure if that incident from the 1920s is still a sore point.

The Black and Tans were British law enforcement. The All Blacks are a rugby team from New Zealand, and among the winningest sports franchises of all time.

The one thing Biden does NOT want to do at this moment in history is to invoke a flashpoint of historical animosity between the two parties now celebrating peace, much less expressing delight as to how one side ‘beat the hell out of’ the other.


There’s another detail of this gaffe that’s missed by many:

The fact that he got the name of the All Blacks wrong while claiming to care about rugby is a little like getting the name of the Yankees wrong when pretending to be a big fan of baseball. It’s just another of his charade performances. It only proves the ‘delight’ he had in Ireland winning is as much an empty platitude as his promise to be the President of ‘All Americans’.

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