Black Smoke From Plastic Recycling Warehouse Can Be Seen For 20 Miles (VIDEO)

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A thick, black column of smoke darkened the skies over Richmond Indiana as ‘My Way Trading Warehouse’ was set ablaze by a fire that began in an 18-wheeler.

Large columns of black smoke rose into the air in Richmond on Tuesday afternoon after a tractor-trailer truck caught fire, which in turn set alight the My Way Trading Warehouse that was storing plastic and recycled materials.

Indiana State Fire Marshall Steve Jones speculated the blaze would ‘definitely’ be toxic and could potentially burn for days. This caused authorities to determine a half-mile evacuation zone running from Lincoln Street to Sheridan Street. –DailyMail

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The immediate area was evacuated, but the EPA’s samples have not yet detected any indication of toxins.

But with a column of smoke so thick that it cast a shadow on the neighborhood below, residents are understandably nervous.

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