BOOM: Trump Leverages Today’s Legal Hearings As Backdrop To Launch Political Promise

Trump has new clarity on what it will take to 'drain the swamp' -- and protect the rule of law

All eyes have turned toward Trump again as he is headed back to cross swords with that OTHER NY AG with an ax to grind — Letitia James.

He has spent his life as a salesman, a negotiator, and a promoter.

If anyone thought The Donald would pass up this opportunity to lay out changes he would make to our legal system in a term as the 47th POTUS, they really haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s a three-minute video where he makes some very specific and measurable critiques of where the current system is off track, and what steps must be taken to course-correct.

The video’s title says it all:
Agenda47: Firing the Radical Marxist Prosecutors Destroying America

He doesn’t shy away from putting a target on the people who are causing the problem.

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