CNN Calls Out Hakeem Jeffries For Defending Uncle’s Antisemitic Rants (VIDEO)

It isn't often they get a story critical of the Dems right -- but credit where it's due this time

CNN loves to play the race card — so long as they can staple it to the forehead of a Republican. But when we’re talking about a Democrat, they suddenly discover ‘nuance’.

Convenient, you might say.

Normally, they bend over backward to explain why any criticism of a Democrat ‘lacks context’ or ‘leaves out important facts’ or … fill-in-the-blank.

So when they call one of their own out on the carpet — a Minority Leader of the House, no less! — for defending racism when they could easily enough just sweep it under the rug, that’s a small step in the right direction toward impartial reporting.

It’s a far cry from redemption, but still, it’s something.

Here is CNN busting Hakeem Jeffries’ chops over his weak-sauce excuse for giving his uncle’s anti-Jewish racism a pass. They got the receipts. Not only did Hakeem KNOW about his uncle’s ideas — he defended them.

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