Some Seriously Tangled Webs In The Staffing Behind Bragg’s Trump Indictment

If Bragg didn't want to be accused of weaponizing the law for election interference... he should have done a few things differently

In American jurisprudence, it is improper for prosecutors to begin with a citizen in mind and look for creative ways to indict that person.

For reasons that should be obvious, the expectation is that investigators begin their investigation with a crime, and work out the whodunnit part after that.

But Alvin Bragg — and others — ran on the explicit plan to destroy Trump. It closely mirrors a plan first put into print by David Brock even before Trump was sworn in in his 49-page document ‘MEDIA MATTERS: War Plan 2017‘.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Here are two screenshots from that plan, with certain details highlighted.

The partisan political gamesmanship dressed up as nonpartisan watchdog work is right there in black and white… as is the desire to ‘dirty up’ Trump (in other parts of that document) by an unending stream of negative associations, allegations, and inferences… with a complicit media keeping it front-and-center.

That puts a story like the one from Margot Cleveland in a very different light.

Cleveland ran a piece (link below) in which she lays out a damning set of facts about the team assembled by Bragg to take Trump down in the first place. Remember, the 30-some-odd allegations are basically one for every signature and check stub in a single transaction. The specific reason that transaction is supposedly criminal has not even been put into writing yet… and without THAT unnamed detail being successfully proven, the case falls apart.

Cleveland paints a picture of a very motivated (and politically-connected) team of Democrat activists who first donated their time and then were hired on for the single purpose of getting Trump… including not one but THREE high-priced lawyers from a very-connected law firm run by none other than the brother of Chuck Schumer… yes, THAT Chuck Schumer

She also lays out the steps they took to move the ball down the field toward the goal of indicting Trump — even when others weren’t as sanguine about rushing ahead with a half-baked case.

One paragraph points out how the firm and Biden’s White House have a symbiotic relationship.

Biden’s connection to the firm, however, dates much further back, with the former secretary of homeland security in the Obama-Biden administration, Jeh Johnson, also heralding from Paul, Weiss. Once elected president, Biden nominated Jonathan Kanter, a former partner of Paul, Weiss, to serve as the top antitrust enforcement official at the Justice Department. In fact, according to Bloomberg, Paul, Weiss has “emerge[d] as Biden-Era N.Y. Power Center.” — TheFederalist

That means the firm has skin in the game with Biden, and it would serve their financial interests to sabotage Trump’s re-election bid by ‘any means necessary’.

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