Whistleblowing Stenographer Drops Barack Obama’s Name In Biden Corruption Case (VIDEO)

There's a White House transcript from Air Force 2 that can corroborate his testimony

The evidence against Biden’s family keeps piling up… including direct testimony from acquaintances and associates. The latest one — if it can deliver on its claims — shows smoking gun evidence of pay-for-play with Burisma.

He mentions Jake Sullivan by name (something omitted in the transcripts), and insists that the Hunter Biden Grand Jury — if it is acting in good faith — is obligated to call him to testify.

He mentions another name that needs to be called to testify in the Hunter Biden case.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Since so many subpoena precedents have already been set with Trump, there is no reason Barack Obama can’t be called upon to testify as to the particulars of certain specific hiring and policy decisions around Ukraine and their energy sector.

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