Sen Hawley LIGHTS UP Mayorkas For Report Of Thousands Of EXPLOITED Migrant Children (VIDEO)

Even when oversight quotes the Democrat-friendly NYT, Mayorkas denies and deflects

We’re well past the era of merely seeing political spin in these hearings. Since Fauci, there has been a growing trend of brazen defiance and open deception.

Mayorkas himself could be the poster boy for that trend.

In this exchange with Senator Hawley, the senator raised a New York Times article detailing the horrible fates of children who are coming over the border and being separated from their families.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

The government has lost track of tens of thousands of missing children, many of whom have been abused by their ‘sponsors’ and sent to do hard and dangerous labor to pay back the criminal cartels who brought them here.

Worse still, the Times chronicled this administration’s press to rush the vetting process and expedite the process of sending more children out to parts unknown to keep one step ahead of a problematic ‘kids in cages’ optics crisis.

The only thing missing from this exchange was a self-righteous Mayorkas standing up and wagging his finger in a rant that opens with the words ‘I’ll have you know…’

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