Establishment-Friendly Politico Runs Piece About Pentagon Cheering Tucker’s Firing

Today's military seems to prize marching lockstep politically above raw preparedness

Tucker Carlson was no friend of the group known as establishment neo-cons. He recently admitted that accepting the rationale for — and cheering our involvement in — the Iraq war was one of his great regrets as a journalist and opinion-maker.

He has expressed doubts about both our involvement in foreign war (Ukraine, for example), and our seriousness in being ready, if called upon, to face genuine military threats from near-peer rivals. Chief among those examples is China.

Over the years, he has taken direct aim at key voices among the Neocons… including some colorful denouncements of John Bolton, calling him among other things, a ‘bureaucratic tapeworm’, and called him ‘the snake’ that Trump mentioned in the poem he referenced in the 2016 campaign. More recently he has ripped on the military leadership for the incompetence on display in Biden’s re-enactment of the Fall Of Saigon and had pounded them for prioritizing DEI and pronouns when they couldn’t even meet recruiting goals after firing everyone who refused to take the shot.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

It is every American’s right to criticize military leadership. Doing so practically defined the 1960s and early 70s. But military leadership itself is supposed to remain non-partisan.

Yeah, well, so are the DOJ and the IRS, and we’ve all seen how that’s going.

Voices in the Pentagon were heard cheering the news of Tucker’s ouster from FoxNews.

Carlson’s criticism of Biden-era personnel policies appealed to many of the rank-and-file, which has a large bloc of conservative members. But at the upper levels of the Defense Department, news of Carlson’s firing from Fox News on Monday was met with delight and outright glee in some corners.

“We’re a better country without him bagging on our military every night in front of hundreds of thousands of people,” said one senior DoD official, who like others interviewed for this story was granted anonymity to discuss a politically sensitive topic.

“Good riddance,” said a second DoD official.

Asked to respond to the news that DoD officials are pleased by his departure from Fox, Carlson responded by text message: “Ha! I’m sure.” He declined to comment further. — Politico

Delight and glee over the firing of a 1A-protected journalist?

By people sworn to defend the Constitution? Hmmm…

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