Here’s How The Tabletop Wargame Exercise Of A Chinese Attack On Taiwan Played Out (VIDEO)

This is what our leaders used to do in trying to anticipate scenarios with our rivals

The Select Committee on the CCP did a wargame exercise to look at what a Chinese invasion of Taiwan might look like if it happened in 2017.

Imagine a giant game of Risk. But instead of the game pieces, and the rules in the game box, we have people playing different parts of a conflict between nations.

We make as accurate a guess as we can about the troops, equipment, tools, supply chains, and tactics not only of the military players involved but all other aspects of their life.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

And then we begin to simulate a scenario to see how our side and their side play out, and what surprises we see along the way. Do our logistics hold up as well as we think, for instance? Do our tactics successfully counter their plans? Did they catch us flat-footed with any innovation?

This one includes economies.

Did our friends stand behind us when we counted on it… or did they bail on us? This last one was one of the surprises that the exercise exposed.

The video describes how the battles played out, where we got flat-footed, and why participants on both sides of the aisle left with a heightened sense of urgency in taking this threat seriously.

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  1. Very simple fix:

    Tell China that we will launch a massive, no-holds-barred, nuclear first-strike on every major Chinese city and military installation, if they step even one foot on Taiwan.
    Not kiding, Xi Ping – we mean it. And we really do not give a rat’s ass about your response.
    We’ll nuke your commie ass … So “FAFO.”
    That’s how we must roll with these commie assholes.

    1. China has nuclear-armed ICBMs with multiple warhead capability, and very likely carrying counter-measures for our very sparse anti-missile defenses. We would lose many of our own cities. There is a significant risk that Russia would enter the war on China’s side if we were the first to launch nuclear city-busters.

      There are other ways to take down the CCP that don’t involve murdering millions of their peons. China’s weak point is the same as Japan’s in WWII: a dependence on foreign oil and natural gas. At this time, most of of China’s oil goes though the Malacca Straits, which are readily blockaded by submarines. China and Russia are building pipelines to Russian resources, but pipelines are vulnerable to missile attack unless very expensively hardened.

      There are no easy solutions to this problem. When the Chinese Communist Party proved themselves to be liars regarding the promise to respect the rights of the citizens of Hong Kong, they destroyed any chance for a peaceful union with Taiwan. Our goal should be to persuade the CCP to write off Taiwan as a lost cause until they permit genuine opposition political parties in China and give up their paranoid totalitarian system. At this juncture, Taiwan’s culture is too far removed from China’s to be peacefully compatible anyway.

  2. Boom!, Beijing gone! Boom! Boom! Boom! etc. All CCP military installations, Gone! Boom! All Chinese seaports, Gone! Boom! , All Power plants, Gone!

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