Proof From Australia That Eco-Zealots Really ARE ‘Coming For Your Gas Stoves’

Remember how they called us paranoid and crazy just a few months ago?

It’s easy to claim there is an ‘agenda’ to force social change on us. But because activists have learned to pull on so many byzantine levers of indirect control, it hard to prove it.

One way to test the difference between a coincidence and a trend is to see if there is a broader pattern globally or not.

Early this year all the familiar faces from the coercive green activist set — the ones with an absolute burning hatred for the traditional energy industry in all its forms — were delivering some heavy-handed talking points about gas stoves.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

AOC talking about the health hazards to air quality was one of the better-known examples.

It made conservatives suspicious. We did some digging and saw there were policy pushes (from the usual suspects) driving them.

We were told that there is no such plan to ‘come for’ our gas stoves. Don’t be ridiculous. Strange how, after that denial, Biden’s administration immediately came out with new regulations (read: restrictions) on the sale of gas ovens.

Since then, San Francisco lost a court battle over banning them entirely.

Is there a global conspiracy? That would be tin-foil-hat territory, wouldn’t it?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The joint report by the Property Council of Australia and the Green Building Council of Australia titled ‘Every Building Counts’, will be launched on Thursday.

It lists 39 property-focused recommendations that the two councils say would help Australia achieve its decarbonisation goals.

One of the key recommendations is the phasing out of fossil fuels in existing buildings and appliances, that would see the end of gas water heaters and cooktops in Australian homes.

The report has called for the electrification of all new residential and commercial buildings and the retrofitting of existing buildings, including a program for low-income households. — News AU

Hmmm. Interesting.

But they’re not coming for our stoves or furnaces. You know, the things that keep working even when the power grid fails.

What happens to people’s pipes in winter if the electric furnace fails? How do you cook the meat thawing in the freezer before it spoils if you’ve only got an electric range?

Notice how the ‘green’ people keep ADDING things that draw power from the grid (stoves, furnaces, electric cars) but they never seem willing to add things that would reliably add power TO the grid?

We noticed.

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  1. I will not surrender my gas furnace, dryer, water heater or stove. I won’t buy an EV. A-because I don’t want one. B- because I can’t afford one. They can try and force us but I think the American public will finally say enough is enough.

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