Just HOW BAD Was The Fox News Ratings Drop-Off In The Post-Tucker Environment? Very! (VIDEO)

Paul Joseph Watson puts the ratings bloodbath in perspective

If the millions of views on the short video Tucker Carlson launched — at 8:01 pm — are any indication, Tucker will have no trouble landing on his feet with… well… whatever’s next.

A bigger question is whether Fox News can survive the storm of what happens AFTER the decision of the News Corp to cut loose its most beloved personality.

Until now, Fox News was seen as an entirely different entity from all the OTHER cable news companies which are universally seen by the right as establishment sellouts and shills.

But that favored position is being sorely tested in the wake of the decision to put Tucker’s show under the ax.

You may think you have some sense of how bad the ratings collapse could be.

So did we — until we saw Watson put it in perspective, that is.

All I can say is … yikes!

[Note: it’s a 2-minute video clip]

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One Comment

  1. FOX news has given up it’s dominance in the real news reporting because that’s what the Democrats want.

    In related news:

    IBM, DELL and HP have decided that computers are geting too fast so they are converting all their PC’s to run on 80286 processors, floppy diskettes, and MS-DOS.

    Ford , General Motors, and whatever Chrysler is called today, are converting all production to 2 cylinder engines that will be limited to 23 HP and the cars will only be allowed to carry one person.

    Comcast and others will change to dial up phone lines for communications.

    See? Wasn’t that easy?

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