OOPS: UK Newspaper Apologizes For Running Anti-Semitic Cartoon

We can't help but notice this was a left-wing news source

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Politicians and media types have a curious relationship with anti-Jewish content. When it is fashionable to do so they will wrap themselves in outrage over criticisms of certain people or ideas.

For example, watch the media response when someone on the right complains about Soros throwing billions of dollars around to reshape politics according to his own personal agenda — an agenda he has previously admitted was amoral during the same 60 Minutes interview in which he expressed zero regrets for collaborating with the Nazis in leading other Jews to their destruction.

That person on the right isn’t ‘criticizing a corrupt individual with a history of tanking entire nation’s economies for personal gain’. No. That person is painted in the news as being ‘antisemitic’.

That makes what happens here all the more interesting.

It’s fair to describe the Guardian is a left-wing paper from the UK. But they got their knuckles rapped for a recent political cartoon they published.

With all the steps and decisions that go between the artist’s pen touching paper right up until the press starts running, nobody thought to say ‘hold on’ when they saw this image:

The Guardian apologized on Saturday for an antisemitic cartoon depicting Jewish ex-BBC chairman Richard Sharp that the paper published.

The cartoon was made after Sharp quit as chairman of the BBC when it was revealed that he had failed to disclose that former prime minister Boris Johnson had secured an £800,000 loan with Sharp’s help. –JPost

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