Police Catch Fugitive Wanted For Killing Five In Cleveland Texas (VIDEO)

The Sheriff held a press conference bringing everyone up to speed

The five-time-deported Mexican national was captured in exactly the way you would expect a gutless punk who murdered a child might be captured.

He was cowering in a closet.

Under some laundry.

He is uninjured.

San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers said Oropeza was taken into custody after authorities received a tip about his location. He was charged with five counts of murder and was booked in the Montgomery County Jail. Capers said he was arrested by task force agents in the city of Cut and Shoot.

Oropeza will be transported back to the San Jacinto County jail and held on a $5 million bond. — USAToday

It’s strange to think that someone who had a shrine to a death cult, with candles still burning when the police entered his residence would be cowering under laundry, but here we are.

An anonymous law enforcement officer working on the case told the Center for Immigration Studies that a shrine honors the ‘Santa Muerte death cult’ was found in his room following the massacre.
The cult is famously known among Mexico’s drug cartels, and investigators believe it signifies Oropesa has connections to the criminal underworld, which can help him escape back to Mexico.
— DailyMail

It is unlikely this 38yo man will ever again set foot outside a prison cell.

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