The Simple Math Behind Why Cartels Will Have Operational Control Of Our Border Next Week

It comes down to a question of finite resources

We’re a week away from the end of Title 42 and the President of the National Border Patrol Council Brandon Judd has a dire warning for what that means.

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It means we’re about to lose control of the border.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Remember when Obama’s border guy, Jeh Johnson said that if there was 1,000 apprehensions, he would be ‘in a bad mood all day’.

But now? Sadly, if we could tamp it down to ‘only’ 1,000 a day it would be a massive ‘win’. This is by design — Biden WANTED it this way. His DOJ actively FOUGHT every attempt to close the border, finish the wall, or even put temporary fixes in place to stem the tide. Open Borders was part of a plan Democrats discussed among themselves as a path to power. (See: Palmieri’s leaked 2018 memo)

Biden’s team took Arizona to court and made them REMOVE physical barriers that had ALREADY been put in place to stem the tide of humanity flowing into Arizona.

Almost every tool Trump had in place to slow the entry of people across that Southern Border was removed. People saw the policy changes and they answered the call, enriching the cartels with every smuggled ‘refugee’ hailing from almost every country on the planet.

With Border Patrol set to lose the last remaining tool in an complicit administration’s toolbox, it’s a simple question of math. Functional control of our border is about to fall to the same bloodthirsty cartels that have terrorized Mexico.

“Once Title 42 goes away and the explosion happens, they’re going to control our entire southwest border,” Judd said on the Wednesday edition of the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show. “When they do that, that’s when [the cartels] are going to be able to bring in all of their products such as the fentanyl, the dangerous drugs, the criminal aliens, and the aliens from special interest countries. All of that is going to go up and it’s going to be Americans that are going to pay for it.”
Judd explained how the border patrol is going to have even more limited resources than they already do after the ceasing of Title 42.
“If we’re apprehending 3,000 people, that means that we have about 70% of our resources on the border,” he stated. “If we’re apprehending 5,000 people, then we have about 50% of our resources on the border. Right now we’re apprehending 7,700 people every single day. That means only about 35 to 40% of our resources are on the border. Once that number goes up even more, once Title 42 goes away, we’re going to be down to about 10% of our resources.”
Judd said he expects the numbers of illegals crossing the border to go up by the thousands.
“It’s a minimum of 11,000,” he explained. “But we could see up to 16,000. It just depends on how the cartels go out and advertise their services. If the cartels are very aggressive in advertising their services, that number could go up to 16,000. But we will see a minimum of 11,000 people per day.”
— JustTheNews

Trump was mocked for saying he was going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.

Biden blocked the wall and is making America pay for it.

But his policies are actually doing something much worse than that.

Biden is building the Mexican Crime cartels and making America pay for it.

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    1. You forget they’ll be using women and children as human shields, counting on the fact that we still have our humanity, while the Cartel goons running the show down there do not.

      They’ve already shown us: they are the ones who throw toddlers off rafts to distract border patrol so that they can get away.

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