Georgia Signs Law Blocking Any Future ‘Zuckerbucks’-Style Election Influence Ploys

One of the legal 'grey area' loopholes that benefited Biden in 2020 has been closed

One of the more shocking revelations from the 2020 election retrospectives involved millions ‘donated’ by Zuckerberg for the explicit purpose of impacting election outcomes.

Zuckerberg funneled hundreds of millions through a pass-through charity to targeted blue areas in battleground states. He used ‘strings-attached’ funding to supercharge GOTV efforts in Democrat strongholds to give an electoral advantage to Biden in states that eventually made the difference in who wins the decisive Electoral College votes.

Brian Kemp closed that loophole on Wednesday, in Georgia, anyway with the signing of HB 222.

This lawn explicitly blocks any election interference by a Dark Money group that had already found a work-around to bypass an earlier version of legislation trying to prevent any replication of the Zuckebucks election influence scheme.

SB 222 stipulates that all “costs and expenses related to conducting primaries, elections, runoffs, or other undertakings authorized or required by [state law] shall be paid from lawfully appropriated public funds.”

“[N]o county or municipal government, government employee, or election official shall solicit, take, or otherwise accept from any person a contribution, donation, service, or anything else of value for the purpose of conducting primaries or elections or in support of performing his or her duties under this chapter,” the measure reads. The bill passed the state Senate (32-21) and House of Representatives (100-69) in March.

SB 222 was introduced in February after DeKalb County, a Democrat stronghold, announced it had been selected to join the U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence after the county’s commissioners accepted a $2 million grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). As The Federalist reported, the Alliance is an $80 million, five-year initiative launched last year by left-wing nonprofits to “systematically influence every aspect of election administration” and advance Democrat-backed voting policies in local election offices. –TheFederalist

With all the noise Democrats make claiming to hate the corrupting influence of ‘dark money’, they should be overjoyed by the steps Kemp has taken to remove that influence from elections in his state.

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