Watch Mark McClosky’s PERFECT Reaction To The Resignation Of Soros DA, Kim Gardner

The Soros-backed DA who made their life hell is packing her bags

When the McCloskeys saw an angry mob bust their way into the gated community they call home and utter vile threats near their front door, the fact that his own government would criminalize him for defending his home from a threat must never have crossed his mind.

And yet, the Soros-backed DA did what Soros-backed DAs always do — she elevated the rights and grievances of the criminal above those of law-abiding citizens.

After a long, drawn-out process to strip her of her powers and remove her from office, including several charges of neglect of duty, Kim Gardner has lost her last court challenge and has faced facts that she’s toast.

The McClaskeys, who were personally targeted and harrassed by her office had something to say about her resignation.

Mark released his thoughts in a 14-second video clip.

Well here’s to the resignation of Kim Gardner. The city of St. Louis will be much safer. There is justice. There is a God. And justice and God have prevailed. Thank-you very much.

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