Talking Heads Freak Out That Tucker’s Relaunching His Show On Twitter (VIDEO)

The old world 'news' sources don't have any way to answer for the internet alternative

When Democrats responded to the devastating loss to Trump by rewriting the rules of the game until Trump was deplatformed from EVERYTHING, they thought they had won the information war.

They were wrong. Alternatives kept springing up, including a whole constellation of alternatives. Podcasts, social media platforms, streaming alternatives, and video hosting platforms.

Then along came Elon who singlehandedly changed the game by buying Twitter. All the woke speech shackles of Twitter 1.0 dropped away and it became somewhere that people could hold a dissenting opinion again.

But it was more than that. It became a platform where information suppressed by the regime could be freely discussed.

And since his firing from Fox News, Tucker has extended his reach well beyond those who had once watched on his 8pm show.

He’s talking about plans to bring that show over to Twitter.

That news is giving Brian Stelter (still hard to believe he’s only 37 years old!) the sads.

He, a former employee for an alleged news network, is concerned that nobody can police a 1A protected journalist. (Read that again, slowly.)

Here were the rest of us thinking that was kinda the point of journalism.

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