HOUSING CRISIS: JD Vance Draws Connection Between Struggling Rentors And Illegal Immigration

It's may not be as dramatic as the fentanyl deaths, but it's no less important to daily life

Democrats claim to be the great defenders of lower and middle-class Americans. They attack Republicans as being in it for the fat-cats.

If that’s the case, why to their policies consistently make life harder for the people they claim to advocate for — while making life better for their wealthiest donors?

One area where the left has gone absolutely all-in is the embrace of illegal immigration. Five million and more sneak in illegally? Not a crisis. Ten thousand a day expected to flow in by week’s end? Merely a logistics issue.

They pooh-pooh concerns about criminal cartels raking in enough money from smuggling people (not to mention contraband) to rival some modern militaries. They ignore the countless stories about rape and human trafficking. Stories about children slaving to pay off money owed to their ‘sponsors’ barely makes a ripple.

JD Vance points out a concern even their most callously indifferent voters MIGHT care about — how it’s making life harder for the working poor who don’t own their own homes.

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