Where’s AOC And Her White Pantsuit Objecting To This Modern-Day Slavery? — Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz squeezes Biden's Border Crisis into a 3-minute rant for the ages

Public statements like this — made in real time — will be necessary for holding these people accountable in the future when they hide behind excuses that they ‘didn’t know’ or were ‘trying their best’.

The video of Ted Cruz stepping up and doing what is almost unheard of in DC — calling a spade a shovel — is great.

But his slap-down of a journo regurgitating undigested Biden talking points is the *chef’s kiss* = cherry on top.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

‘Outstanding’ is right.

The only sensible conclusion we can draw is that we have this problem because Democrats WANT this problem. They think it benefits them somehow.

But don’t take our word for it, Jennifer Palmieri worked on Hillary’s Campaign. She said exactly that in a leaked email back in 2018.

The policies she called for are exactly the ones Biden started pushing from the moment he sat behind that desk and started signing Executive Orders.

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