Vivek Supports A Constitutional Amendment To Improve Responsible Citizenship… Do You? (VIDEO)

He is floating a change to the minimum voting age... with an asterisk

Everyone can vote at the age of 18. But are those young ‘skulls full of mush’ fresh out of ‘public screwal’ (as Rush liked to say) really up to the task of executing the duties and responsibilities of a full citizen?

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Do they have any sense of mutual obligation on the giving side of the ledger? Have they gotten beyond being mere takers from a system in which some other nameless faces fulfill the role of provider?

Have they internalized JFK’s ‘ask not what your country can do for you’? Or are they still in the role of a adult toddler, walking around with their hand out, expecting somebody else to play the role of ‘parent’ and fill it?

The fact that so many teenage neo-Marxist agitators with a chip on their shoulder are eager to throw their support behind people and projects whose long-term effect will be to make the the country less solvent and stable has led people to ask how we create some sense of civic responsibility that generations in more turbulent times once took for granted.

Vivek thinks it might be a good idea to raise the voting age to 25 years old — with a special provision for three groups of people…

Anyone who has put in 6 months of military service.
Anyone who has put in 6 months of service as a first responder.
Anyone who has passed the very same citizenship test we expect every legal immigrant to pass.

It would require an Amendment to the Constitution, but he’s ready for a conversation for how we can reinvigorate the same love of country that leftists have worked so hard to undermine with attacks like their 1619 Project.

That isn’t the only idea he talks about in this TV interview. Here’s how his team describes it in their own words:

In this highly anticipated interview, Vivek Ramaswamy joins Kayleigh McEnany on Fox News Tonight to discuss his vision for America and the pressing issues facing the nation. One of the key topics Vivek addresses is the need to restore civic engagement in the United States, which he believes can be accomplished by raising the voting age to 25. Despite the controversy surrounding this proposal, Vivek argues that it will help reinvigorate the political process and encourage greater participation from younger Americans.
But Vivek doesn’t stop there. He also addresses the alarming trend of the managerial class targeting Christian mothers as terrorists and extremists simply for wanting to protect their children from woke ideologies. This has resulted in an erosion of our fundamental freedoms and a dangerous assault on traditional American values. Vivek believes it’s time to stand up to these attacks and protect our religious liberties, free speech, and parental rights.
Finally, Vivek discusses his plan for increasing and renewing our national American identity. This involves rejecting divisive and harmful ideologies like critical race theory and the woke movement, and instead celebrating the values that have made America great – individual freedom, personal responsibility, and respect for our shared history and culture. By doing so, Vivek believes we can unite as a nation and build a brighter future for all Americans.

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  1. Used to have to pass tests on the US and your state constitutions before you could graduate from high school. I think resurrecting that requirement would be easier than getting an amendment passed.

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