Biden’s Ignoring Chinese Economic Threat — A Strategy Expressed In Xi’s Own Words (VIDEO)

They are playing hardball, while we try to play nice

This week, the G7 got together, and one of the agenda items was the threat being posed by China. The problem is more than just a Chinese threat — China is building a counterweight to the G7 with the intent to rival our economic clout.

We have recently reported on that, largely in response to China’s influence, 10 countries are planning to drop use of the greenback as their reserve currency. We have also warned about how predatory CCP lenders are bleeding entire countries dry… at the very same time that American politicians are fighting to drive America even deeper into debt.

We might want to pay close attention to how those countries are becoming unstable.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

We know China’s ruling party is happy to throw its weight around, both domestically and internationally. Xi is a Maoist, and he is not constrained by Western notions of rights or fair play. He is interested in settling centuries-old scores with rival nations. He believe China deserves to be the uncontested global superpower and will strive to achieve that by whatever means it takes.

Maria Bartiromo had Rep McCaul on to talk about China and the implications of Xi’s spoken threat of weaponizing supply chains to control foreign nations. (See: 1:17-1:19 time stamp in video) If you want to know what that looks like, you could look at the supply chain disruptions of the COVID years (and take note of the number of products essential to life that China has monopolies on — including Big Pharma) — or you could look back to when Russia turned off the oil it was sending to Ukraine… in mid-winter.

McCaul makes the case for the difference we see in how other nations respond to us depending on whether America is demonstrating strong leadership or weak leadership.

He goes on to draw direct cause-and-effect relationships between Biden policy decisions and foreign policy disasters — including Russia marching on Ukraine right after the Afghanistan debacle.

There is a reason the Media(D)’s coordinated silence to protect political allies is a national security threat. If ever there was a moment where we needed to be sure the CCP had ZERO leverage over a sitting president that time was now.

And if they have anything — ANYTHING — by which they could persuade or threaten him, it is the media’s job to expose those weaknesses. If only there were such a thing as honest journalists in these multi-billion-dollar media companies.

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