FISA ABUSE: Just How Many People Are Caught Up In This Sketchy Surveillance?

Remember when Trump said they 'could do this to any of you'? They already are.

The FISA courts were never designed to allow an end-run for the Government to gather information against you that it had no lawful method of gathering. But that’s exactly how they are being used.

It isn’t just a few times they are doing this, either — we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of FISA requests.

Many are opened against ordinary Americans who have no idea it’s happening to them and lo legal recourse to protect their 4th Amendment rights from being unjustly violated.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

For example, should the FBI be tracking down political donor lists for Congressional Campaigns? Especially when the Durham Report told us that foreign donor concerns in Hillary’s campaign had been quietly closed.

And that’s not even counting the times when, for example, banks have voluntarily mined their users’ information under several search criteria so they could hand it over to the FBI without any use of a warrant, and therefore, no right of the citizen to contest the Government gathering such sensitive information.

The Durham Report identified the problem: the FBI has ‘failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law’.

As for failed to uphold? That’s lawyerspeak for saying the FBI behaved OUTSIDE the rule of law. Or, in other words, they behaved in a criminal fashion. The enforcers of the law are the ones breaking our laws… and for at least some of the time, they are doing so for naked political gain.

Changing the rules of a game only matters when the players of the game are willing to abide by them. If the FBI wants to misuse the FISA court at the expense of Citizens’ rights, maybe it’s time they lose access to that tool entirely.

If even Nadler is now coming around to this position, maybe something will change.

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