BONGINO: If Durham Implicated OBAMA — Why Aren’t We Talking About His Role?

Dan reminds us about what many have forgotten In Obama's involvement

Follow the threads far enough back and it might even link up to that secret personal phone Biden had whose call history is now being subpoenaed.

Obama (and Joe) are mentioned by name in the Durham Report. They were briefed early on. They knew (as we knew they must) and they let it happen.

But Dan Bongino reminds us how Obama’s role goes back much, much further than just that moment in time. It even relates to the ‘inciting incident’ — Hillary’s emails.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Hillary’s gambit to kneecap Trump with the Steele Dossier smear wasn’t just your average political hit job. It was done as a solution to a very specific problem.

According to the Durham Report, it was pushed in response to Hillary’s email scandal… yes, the same ones that Hillary has since turned into a cynical profit opportunity. She was hawking merch with that slogan on hats and shirts in her giddy response to the FBI’s Mar-A-Lago raid.

But Hillary wasn’t the only one who had something to lose if people dug too deeply in her email scandals. We have a list of the people she was talking to with that secret email server.

Everyone was using pseudonyms.

It was an unaccountable back-channel communication that existed explicitly as a work-around for any lawful oversight functions. That itself is a problem.

A worse problem is the fact that the President was on that list … more specifically, the steps that had to happen before the President could BE on that list. The problems all center on the back-channel stuff… and what, exactly, it was that Obama’s insiders were hiding in their private conversations.

We already know the whole group of them play fast-and-loose with the law. The question that hasn’t yet been answered is: what else did they play fast and loose with?

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