If Trump Was Accused Of Incitement Despite ‘Peacefully And Patriotically’ — What Do You Call THIS?

Dems have a well-documented history of excusing (and even bailing out) street violence

One of the reasons the FBI is facing backlash at the moment is because they seem to have two different standards with respect to enforcing the laws.

If the accused is in any way sympathetic to individuals or causes important to the political left — or better still, connected to the Democrats themselves — we see a pattern of slaps on the wrist, if anything at all.

For any of the left’s political targets and enemies? A whole other story.

The Durham Report even said as much.

The J6 committee worked hard to suppress it. They even cut it out of video evidence. But Trump specifically told his supporters to ‘peacefully and patriotically’ proceed to the Capitol.

To this day he is still accused of ‘inciting an insurrection’ in that very same speech. Facts be damned.

Will we see similar denunciation of leading politicians on the left when they are signalling for a ‘backlash’ not just in the caucus but ‘in the streets’ if the Checks and Balances written in to the Constitution force Joe Biden to dial back on the unchecked hard-left agenda that is finally being held in check by finite limits on government spending?

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is no mere face-in-the-crowd. She’s leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. Shouldn’t someone in her esteemed position be expected to behave more responsibly than this?

If even offhand comments by the political right spark a few days’ worth of media outrage, where are our supposedly ‘impartial’ journalists when the shoe is on the other foot?

How do we suppose ‘backlash in the streets’ would be reported by these same journalists if, say, MTG were talking about it in response to the left dialing back pro-life legislation?

We know how that would end, don’t we? It wouldn’t just be a front-page story on every blue-city newspaper. We can assume Biden’s FBI would waste no time in opening case files.

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