Charges Reduced In That Bizzarre Nazi Flag U-Haul Truck Incident In DC

Skeptics about the 'domestic terror' angle in that case get the last laugh.

Earlier this week, we saw very provocative imagines about a U-Haul truck involved in a ‘terror’ incident. Front-and-center in those images was a Nazi flag.

But people were skeptical right from the get-go. There were a lot of details that didn’t seem to quite add up, as was reported here: Skeptics Calling BS On U-Haul Truck ‘Nazi’ Story In DC — Here’s The 411

The truck wasn’t going very fast in the video. The curious lack of a photo of the accused for a name that was decidedly NOT European. And a Nazi flag???

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

To skeptics, it all seemed just a little too on-the-nose encapsulating all of the left’s favorite talking points.

That didn’t stop the ‘mainstream’ news reports from splashing ‘Nazi’ and ‘terror attack’ in their headlines. They made sure to include mention of a threat attack against the life of the President and his family.

Initial criminal charges even backed that up. And so they were reported on the news.

You wonder how many of those same ‘reliable’ news sources will report the CHANGES to those charging documents a only day later? Here’s an update on Kandula’s crimes from the NY Post:

He had allegedly planned the attack for six months, with his goal to “get to the White House, seize power, and be put in charge of the nation,” records show.
Kandula was accused of threatening to “Kill the President If that’s what I have to do,” and praised Nazism and Hitler.
He was originally charged with threatening to kill, kidnap or inflict harm on a president, vice president or family member, as well as assault with a dangerous weapon, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, trespassing and destruction of federal property, US Park Police said.
His federal charges have since been downgraded to a single count of depredation of property of the United States in excess of $1,000.
Prosecutors told the court Kandula is not a US citizen, according to Fox News.
Kandula, a self-described unemployed data analyst, was taken into custody after ramming the barriers with his vehicle just before 10 p.m. Monday, officials said.
— NY Post

But wait! There’s more!

From the Washington Post:

Magistrate Judge Robin M. Meriweather ordered Kandula held until a bond hearing on Tuesday. Special Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander Schneider argued Kandula should be detained because he was a flight risk, and his attack was violent and aimed at disrupting the government.
Schneider said Kandula’s last known address was in Chesterfield, Mo., but did not say what country he was originally from or when he arrived in the United States.
(Emphasis Added)

One guy that went to high school with Kandula was shocked with the report that the guy he ran track with wanted to kill the President when he used to wear a mask with “Biden” written on it during the pandemic.

A fuller picture of Kandula also began to emerge from an acquaintance, who attended high school with him in suburban St. Louis. Errion Barfield said he and other friends were shocked by the allegations against Kandula, whom he portrayed as quiet and kind…
…Barfield, who ran on the track team with Kandula at Marquette High School in Chesterfield, Mo., wrote in a series of Facebook messages to The Washington Post that he had difficultly reconciling the actions Kandula is accused of taking with the person he knew. Barfield wrote Kandula kept to himself and “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”
Barfield was particularly surprised by the alleged threat to kill the president. Barfield wrote that Kandula liked to wear a surgical mask with Biden’s name on it during the pandemic because it would get a reaction from people at Marquette, which Barfield described as conservative.
— Washington Post

Not a citizen or even a legal resident.
Half-baked crazy ideas.
Loved wearing a Biden mask during the pandemic.
Downgraded to a single count of property damage?

That’s an interesting combination of facts we weren’t told on Day One.

How likely do you suppose it is that people on the left will still point to this to an example of Mega-MAGA Nazi domestic terrorism, even though it is literally NONE of those things.

With all the serious charges formally dropped, it’s probably fair to guess that even the Nazi ravings were just a the rantings of a crazed man latching on to the Very Bad Thing our society hates as a symbol to personify his acting out.

New York Post
Washington Post

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  1. This man crashed something at the Capital and thats alright?
    But a citizen protested on Jan6, did not enter the peoples house,
    and has been sentenced to 18 years for being there. Our laws ,
    where are our laws? All of the legal system seems to be anything
    but law and order. Are the judges making the laws now?
    This seems totally different to my America. I am Confused.

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