Ted Cruz Brings Some Context To That Paxton Impeachment

Before we skip ahead to the 'verdict' part...

It’s interesting to see that a media wanting literally nothing to do with growing evidence of a Biden family corruption scandal has so gladly picked this story up.

Unlike the Biden corruption story, voters in Texas had the opportunity to consider these claims against Paxton BEFORE they cast their ballot… and they still voted to support him.

Senator Cruz explains why that he thinks that should change the math for this impeachment story:

Texas Republican Rep. Matt Schaefer on Saturday questioned Andrew Murr, the Republican who led the committee that investigated Attorney General Ken Paxton and brought the impeachment resolution to the floor, about due process in the case.

On the floor, Rep Schaefer asked some questions that may be of interest to the general public in this matter. For example, were any of the witnesses against AG Paxton placed under oath? (no). Were any of these witnesses against AG Paxton questioned directly by elected members of the Texas House of Representatives? (They were not.) Was there any opportunity for cross-examination? No.

And perhaps the most important question asked — did anyone speak directly to the one donor at the very center of this controversy to get his testimony? (You can guess what the answer was there.)

You can see that exchange at the 1 hour 25 min 30 second mark in the proceedings where the decision to impeach was under consideration. As the video is not available for embedding. Link can be found (here).

Draw whichever conclusions you wish about the proceed against Ag Paxton. Just be clear that most news sources are only telling the parts of the story they want you to know about.

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