SO CRINGE: Joy Reid Tries To ‘Own’ DeSantis Over Immigrant Heritage … Fails Badly (VIDEO)

It's tough to decide what's more apparent in this clip -- her contempt or her ignorance

Joy Reid took to TikTok to give us the ‘secret story’ of the true ancestry of Ron DeSantis.

[Note: this article contains commentary reflecting the opinions of the author.]

Joy Reid makes no effort to hide her contempt for the ideas that gave rise to what happened in 1776. She’s very much a 1619 Project kind of girl — which accounts for her ridiculously myopic view of history.

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Back to Joy’s view of history. It came to her attention that DeSantis was *gasp* descended from Italian grandparents who came over in the early 20th century.

She looks so pleased to announce that ‘undesirable immigrants’ in 1917 included Italians and Irish — as though most of the rest of us didn’t already know that.

She uses the introduction of Old World diseases to American natives as an excuse to call Europe ‘filthy’, which would definitely be a ‘cancelling offence’ for anyone who said it about any other continent or racial group. Wasn’t it explicitly ‘racist’ just to mention that Wuhan was the source of a certain major illness?

She mocks DeSantis as not being descended from the ‘colonizers’ — yep, she said it — who came in from the Mayflower… trying to use his immigration policies to somehow mock him as an ‘undesirable’.

The she goes on to perpetuate the threadbare lie about DeSantis ‘not wanting to teach black history’ and tries to ‘own’ him for his respect of the Framers and Founders (who she clearly hates) and white folks from England (which she hates even more).

The fact that she holds ANY racial group in such contempt lays bare the fact that she believes in a defacto race-based Caste System where some people are born better and worse than others for no other reason than the color of their skin.

And the irony of that?

DeSantis can embrace the principles of America’s ‘More Perfect Union’ because we are united by beliefs, character, and merit.

Reid, meanwhile, openly rejects the very American principles that provided the engine which made MLK’s civil rights protests so very successful.

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  1. So, she’s saying that the immigration laws were written and passed AFTER G’Ma arrived into the country LEGALLY, therefore she was not ‘undocumented’ as Joy would have us believe… The three ships that Mr. Columbus travelled with to discover the New World were the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria when the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower.
    And required studies??? Pffffft…..
    This chick just can’t get anything right!

  2. I just lost too many functional brain cells watching that illiterate brain dead Joy-less screed.
    (She is the reason that I stopped watching the NPR “news”, lo, many years ago.)
    Like, it’s Ron D’s fault that his g’g’mother arrived just before the 1917 Immigration Act?
    Or, that it’s Ron D’s g’g’mother’s fault that she JUST happened to arrive just before the 1917 Immigration Act?
    Wow! Such racism. Such bigotry. Who sez that blacks can’t be racist bigots?
    What Joy-less actually does is undermine the (baseless) arguments for African reparations, in that there were many Irish that were brought to the (pre-US) American colonies as indentured servants (i.e., slaves). You don’t see/hear the Irish running around screaming about reparations for the treatment of their ancestors, do you?

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