Wray Finally Shows Comer The Damning Document — It Does NOT Look Good For Biden (VIDEO)

Since Wray is still refusing to give House Oversight a copy... Contempt of Congress will proceed

We still can’t see the document. The document itself has no classified status. But it was shared with House Oversight in a classified SCIF environment. Because Wray does not want it made public.

The usual deflections are being made. A document that they refused to admit even existed just last month is suddenly ‘part of an ongoing investigation’.

But we, the public, do know at least three details that we didn’t know before now.

1) The human source who contributed to this report was viewed as highly credible.

How do we know this? Simple. The FBI has relied on this foreign individual since the Obama administration. He has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the information he has provided.

So, whoever he is, he is not so easily dismissed.

2) We also know that the document they were looking at was dated from 2020, but it made reference to earlier FBI notes going back to 2017. This is to say, that the FBI had specific knowledge of allegations that then-Vice President Joe Biden had received bribes in exchange for policy decisions while he was in office.

Obviously, until proven, they remain merely allegations. But such allegations, especially from a credible source, is more than a matter of law, it becomes a very real matter of national security. Are America’s most senior politicians politically compromised? And if so — how many and whom?

To learn that the FBI has not taken serious interest in such allegations — after the endless haranguing that same FBI has dogged President Trump with — is of grave concern.

3) We know know that the alleged bribery scheme follows exactly the same form that suspicious evidence has turned up through bank records. Joe delivers on some kind of a policy promise. Then a series of money transfers to shell companies just days after Air Force Two left the sender’s country.

Evidence that this allegation is real continues to grow.

Isn’t it ironic this is the same Joe Biden who fights like hell to get those 87,000 new IRS agents so he can find those dirty, rotten, no-good tax cheats who are robbing the country?

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