Trump’s Initial Response To News Of Biden’s DOJ Moving Forward With Indictments

The man himself, in his own words...

When news broke about the looming indictment of Donald Trump, he did what he does best — he made his case on social media.

Here are the written statements he made on Truth Social:


And here he is in a short video responding to the indictment being dropped on him by Biden/Garland’s DOJ.

Do you agree?

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  1. This is what all totalitarian, marxist, communist, TIN POT DICTATORS do to those that represent a threat to their power.
    I not referring to biden alone, I am referring to the power elites that are IN FACT, his puppet masters. NONE OF WHO COULD BE AS RICH AND POWERFUL AS THEY ARE UNDER A TRUE FREE MARKET CAPITALIST SYSTEM. Just like many in corporate america, they are weasels.

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