BIDEN BRIBERY SCANDAL: Grassley Calls BS On Wray’s Redactions … Brings Receipts

It's hard to imagine an innocent explanation for why Wray redacted this...

With Biden’s DOJ doing a full-court press on death-by-1000-indictments against Trump, they face the obvious questions about partisan bias… especially with explicit allegations fo foreign bribery still unanswered.

The DOJ has managed to quick-march their investigations into Trump with promises of a ‘speedy’ process now that charges against him are unsealed, it’s even harder to explain the slow-walking of specific allegations of criminality against Joe Biden that have been in the FBI’s possession since at least 2017.

As we once again remind our readers, the allegation of pay-for-play fraud is the very same instance of corruption that Trump was impeached for asking Zelensky about in that ‘perfect phone call’. Oh the irony of the left-aligned media calling it ‘quid pro quo’, while remaining curiously silent when there is an allegation that the Biden family received $10 Million dollars to shut down that fraud investigation.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

‘Sonofabitch, he was fired’.

That was the specific incident under consideration with the FBI form that Wray and GOP oversight had their tug-of-war over.

Wray finally blinked and gave them what they asked for.

Or did he?

Grassley is calling Wray out on a little detail that was conveniently redacted. As you read this, ask yourself what defensible reason could possibly lead to this redaction?

A top Senate Republican revealed Monday that an FBI informant said the Ukrainian oligarch involved in an alleged “criminal bribery scheme” with Joe and Hunter Biden also claimed to have 17 recordings of his conversations with the president and his son.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) revealed on the Senate floor that a largely unredacted version of the bureau’s FD-1023 confidential human source form said that “the foreign national who allegedly bribed Joe and Hunter Biden allegedly has audio recordings of his conversations with them — 17 such recordings.”

The Republican senator said, “These recordings were allegedly kept as a sort of insurance policy for the foreign national in case he got into a tight spot.”

Mykola Zlochevsky, the Ukrainian owner of Burisma, was the “foreign national” involved in the alleged “criminal bribery scheme” detailed in the FBI form, and Zlochevsky referred to Joe Biden as the “big guy” during a conversation several years before the June 2020 date of the bureau document, according to sources familiar with the FBI record who described its contents to the Washington Examiner.

Grassley added Monday that, according to the FD-1023, “the foreign national possesses 15 audio recordings of phone calls between him and Hunter Biden” and “two audio recordings of phone calls between him and the-Vice President Joe Biden.” — Washington Examiner

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