Trump Hits Back: His First Remarks After His ‘Boxes Hoax’ Arraignment

He seems to be more 'dialed in' than he's been in a long time

Yesterday was a really long day for President Trump. But you’d never know it.

TV cameras were rolling as he made his way by motorcade to the courthouse to face the charges against him and make his not guilty plea. Then he hopped a plane back to his Bedminster residence for a rally.

When he arrived in front of that crowd he stood with the confidence and ease as if it were a day like any other. And for his presidency, in a way, it was. He’s been in one version of this fight or another since Hillary and Comey were pushing Crossfire Hurricane, long before he was elected.

(You may have heard Tucker’s original thoughts on exactly why they hate him so fiercely.)

He gave a thirty-minute speech that was surprisingly relaxed in tone, considering the events of the day in which he made a public appeal not only for reasons the prosecution is wrong to bring his case to trial, but gave a reminder of so many previous cases of more serious infractions that never saw the inside of a courthouse.

He also took that opportunity bring attention to the Biden Bribery tapes story that is getting so little attention among the media.

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