WATCH: Kash Patel JACKHAMMERS DOJ On Duplicity Of Hunter’s Gun Charge

Hundreds of minorities facing same crime never ONCE got this pretrial diversion

What folks on the left would have us believe is that the charge Hunter is facing isn’t very serious and is hardly ever charged. Wrong.

Not only are they charged, but Kash Patel, in 100s of cases he’s seen with minorities on the hook for similar drugs with firearms charges, never ONCE did they get pretrial diversion like this guy did.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

If the left wants to denounce ‘injustice’ or ‘systemic racism’ … this is the case to which they should point.

Hold up the example of Hunter Biden while friends and relatives spend an average of 3-5 behind bars for this exact crime, even if they had no priors.

When he’s done smashing the left’s narrative in defending Hunter, he takes a couple of minutes to talk about the Trump case.

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