Impeaching Garland: Ted Cruz Makes The Case For Why It Needs To Happen

If Merrick wants to confront the REAL threat to America's institutions, he'll need a mirror

Merrick Garland loves to stand up in public and declare to the rest of us how deeply offended he is by attacks on noble American institutions like the DOJ or the FBI.

He’s missing the point. The FBI isn’t being called out by Trump campaign staffers. It’s whistleblowers from inside the agency who are sick and tired of seeing what’s going on behind the curtain, and want to see something done about it.

The same noble careerists whose reputation Merrick claims to stand and defend in his wounded bird routine are the ones calling out political interference on the part of Garland’s DOJ.

Now that we have direct evidence contradicting statements Merrick Garland has made under oath to Congress, the AG has himself a problem.

And Ted Cruz is calling for an investigation into Garland himself.

Perjury and obstruction of justice are among the questions about Garland that Ted would want investigated.

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