American Association Looking For Loopholes To Exclude Christian Use Of Libraries

This is a clear example of viewpoint discrimination

The American Library Association has written standards. Those standards include some rules about access to meeting rooms and reading materials.

It makes sense for such a standard to apply, since they are taxpayer-funded.

The ALA’s Library Bill of Rights states that libraries should provide meeting rooms to the public “regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.”

It also says that reading materials “should not be excluded because of the origin, background, or views of those contributing to their creation,” nor should they be removed over “partisan or doctrinal disapproval.” — Just The News

Unfortunately, as with so many other institutions, their own official standards of equal access are being set aside for partisan choices about who is ‘friend’ and who is ‘foe’.

This conflict goes back to the rise of Drag Queen Story Hour.

The Drag Queen Story hour began as a curious novelty in a few communities. Before long, it mushroomed to a national movement, despite parental objections to their sexually-charged content being shared with little kids. The events were defended on free speech grounds.

Fair enough. If they can speak openly in taxpayer funded libraries about their conception of morality, then others should be free to do the same.

That sparked a response among Christians. Kirk Cameron launched ‘see you at the library’ tour, in which he would read to children from books with age-appropriate Christian themes. Others were encouraged to do the same.

The American Library Association did not greet Cameron with the same warmth and excitement that they greeted the drag performers. They are openly hostile and coaching libraries about tricks they can employ put hurdles in the way of See You At The Library to have events in their local library.

(Above is the first of a long thread giving background on what officials are doing to sabotage the event.)

Here are examples from the thread:

If you are having an event and you suspect it’s being sabotaged by administrators, they invite you to contact them about next steps.

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