Justice Thomas’s Rebuke Of Justice Jackson’s Dissent Is Pure Poetry

Thomas pulls no punches in confronting an avatar of the left's culture of racial grievance

Ever since Joe Biden himself tried to derail Justice Thomas in his confirmation hearings, the left has held a deep hatred for him. There’s a reason for that. He used to be one of them.

The reason Justice Clarence Thomas is so dangerous to the left’s core narratives and beliefs stems from the fact that his own life disproves their central claims.

He came from poverty. A broken home. As a young man, he was a radical leftist who had bought into many of the racial grievances popular at the time.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

And then?

He began to see the flawed foundations of that worldview and rejected it entirely.

You can hardly find a better example of what the left finds so upsetting about him than how he directly addresses Justice Jackson on the Harvard affirmative action case.

Here is a section of what Justice Thomas said on the topic:

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