Vivek Takes Joy Reid To TruthTown Over Affirmative Action (VIDEO)

She is not making the point she THINKS she's making

Joy Reid is upset about SCOTUS bringing an end to affirmative action in schools.

She’s trying to twist the meaning to make it mean something it doesn’t. But Vivek is a graduate of the same school she went to, and he’s got a very different understanding of the impact of affirmative action.

Here’s what Vivek Ramaswamy said in response to the difficulty Reid faced when accused of being accepted merely because of her ethnicity:

Like me,
@JoyAnnReid is a kid of immigrants from a former European colony who went to Harvard. Unlike me, she benefited from affirmative action because she counts as “black” & in her own words wouldn’t have gotten in without it. She complains that her peers looked at her differently because of it. That’s surely true, I just draw a different conclusion: there’s no better way to foster racial condescension than to disadvantage others based on their skin color. Time to achieve colorblind meritocracy, once & for all. Joy Reid talks about me on air, but hasn’t yet had me on for a debate. From one alum to another: the offer stands.

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