Johnny Cash Knew How To Tell An Inspiring American Story — Ragged Old Flag

What activists are trying hard to erase, the Man in Black would elevate

We’ve got two different stories of America today.

One is pushed by the Project 1619 crowd, university profs, activists bearing Molotovs and covered faces, and far too many elected officials.

That story sees America as tarnished. Poisoned. A literal evil needing to be scrubbed from the world and from history. Like revolutionaries elsewhere, they want to tear down yesterday’s heroes, bulldoze our past and build a new utopia on the ruins of what they tear down.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

There is another story, though. One much like the story of any individual person.

It’s a story of triumphs and tragedies, mistakes made and lessons learned, each building on the last. A story of growth into maturity.

A story of growth into something once described as a ‘More Perfect Union’. A story that started in Washington’s generation, and carries forward even now.

That story is the one Johnny Cash shared in his telling of ‘Ragged Old Flag’.

Happy Independence Day, from the Clash family to yours.

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